Educators International seeks out projects in developing countries where we can add value. There is no limit to the scale or type of project so long as it has the prospect of delivering real change. Our projects may cover any phase of education (early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational, teacher training, and much more). One area where we have special expertise is pupil/student tracking and progress measurement. Another is teacher education, especially by distance learning. However, we can source top-level expertise in any educational sphere.
EI's initial role is to scope the need, negotiate roles and prepare a draft project plan, for agreement by the client government and any funding/development partner. The project plan will include targets, roles and responsibilities, costings and phased outcomes. Then using our unique networks we "head-hunt" individual volunteers from the UK, and build them into small teams with the right mix of skills and experience to complete the project in the most efficient way.
Educators International projects will always:

(a) fit within a developing country’s plans to introduce major education system reforms;

(b) draw on the UK education system’s strengths and relevant recent experience

(c) deliver skills exchange, so that the host country takes control and sustains the changes.